1.5g Holographic Glitter Nail Powder

1.5g Holographic Glitter Nail Powder

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Capacity:  Approx. 0.4g - 0.5g

Material:  Powder

Package Contents:

1 Box nail powder


1. Apply a base colour of your choice. The best results were with black or white. It is recommended that you experiment with different colours until you find what you like. (Optional)

2. Apply a layer of clear Top Gel (Non-wipe is recommended but not required). The surface should be slightly tacky in order for the powder to stick to your nail!

3. Use a sponge tip eye shadow applicator (provided), a silicone brush or your finger to apply and buff a thin layer of pigment over your nail surface. Add more to your liking.

4. Seal with a gel top coat. If you do not seal with a gel top coat, the powder will wash off.

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